$40 / DAY

A Day Pass grants one access to the workspace and related amenities for a single day during regular business hours (8am-5pm)

Flex Member


The Flex Member devotes 2 to 3 days per week to office work and places high value on workspace flexibility.  Their occupation may be part-time or involve significant field assignments.

Unlimited Member


The Unlimited Member has high demand for time in the space and a very flexible work style.  Their hardware requirements are entirely mobile - they can work from anywhere on laptops and mobile devices.  They enjoy a dynamic work environment.  




The Private Office member has high demand for time in the space, schedule flexibility, and privacy.  These members might deal in highly sensitive information or have management responsibilities.

Dedicated Desk


The Dedicated Desk member has high demand for time in the space and scheduling flexibility.  They value a consistent workspace that is entirely their own.


Space is limited but we'd love to show you around! Connect with us here, call us at 434.260.3803 or contact Greg, our manager and curator, at gk@studioix.co.

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